In recent years, when we browse jobs in the classified ads and jobs portals, we see a lot of positions looking for Digital Marketer. Such positions was almost unheard of some 5 years ago. Much of the job descriptions on Digital Marketing requires skills on search engine optimising and internet marketing.

But what exactly is Digital Marketing and how is it different from Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, or Web Marketing? What does people have in mind when they use the term Digital Marketing?

I recently did some research, I borrowed a number of books from the library on Digital Marketing and many of those books did not give a definition at all.

Finally, I bought a very good book: B2B Digital Marketing: Using the Web to Market Directly to Businesses (Que Biz-Tech)
and it states that Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Marketing are all about marketing via the Internet. Let me quote from Michael Miller:

“At its most basic, digital marketing is no different from traditional marketing, you’re still trying to present customers with the information they need….what’s different about digital marketing are the channels you use to relay these messages…you’re now using Internet-based media such as websites, email and social networks….it’s the medium..”

I found a good book on ‘Successful Digital Marketing in a week’ by Nick Smith. Although he did not give a definition on Digital Marketing, the entire book covered marketing strategy for websites, SEO, social media, Pay per Click, Mobile and email marketing.

A rather academic book entitled Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice gave a simple yet precise definition:

“Digital marketing can be simply defined as: Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies.”

Yes! That’s exactly what Digital Marketing is. It is more than web marketing, it encompasses email marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, video marketing… any kind of marketing that uses digital media technologies. In the past, people only talked about web marketing, internet marketing or online marketing (terms used interchangeably to refer to using the website as the main marketing media). However, in recent years, with smartphones, tablets, mobile applications, videos, podcasts and social media, a bigger umbrella is used — Digital Marketing.

With digital revolution, digital medias are ever increasing and wikipedia ( stated the following:

1. Mobile Phones

2. Digital Video

3. Digital Television

4. ebook

5. Websites

6. E-commerece

7. Interactive games

8. Compact disc, mini disc, worldwide web, internet, video games…

The list will continue to grow. It also means that the opportunity for Marketers are also growing. We are no longer limited to traditional media or websites.. New emerging medias that are more customer engaging and effective for market penetration are increasingly available. With every new technology, it can mean great opportunity or great threat to your business.

When email was born in the late 80s, the fax machine soon got replaced. With e-commerce, start-ups such as Amazon can grow to global leaders. Hence, today’s businesses should move from online marketing to the bigger perspective of digital marketing, to explore each of the emerging digital media. It is for this reason that I founded Passion Digital (S) Pte Ltd, with the intention to help companies deploy such digital technologies to be more effective in reaching the sales objectives.

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