10 Best WordPress Websites Designed for Helpdesk 

Leverage on websites to achieve Customer Satisfaction without having to employ an army of custcare operators.

Why A Helpdesk Is Important?

A helpdesk is very important to any company. It is the point of contact with customers, a “moment of truth” as described by marketers. If a company is prompt in handling customer enquiries and complains, it will earn customer loyalty, achieve customer retention and repeat purchases as well as upsell products to customers. It will also get a lot of referrers from satisfied customers.

In the past, customers enquiries are handled mainly by telephone operators. However, now with internet, you can make use of a website  equipped with AI powered Knowledge Management capabilities and Live Chats to set up an effective helpdesk with very low cost. Any startups and small companies can achieve that. You do not need to employ operators and yet serve your customers well.

In this article, we will show you 10 websites that are effectively designed for helpdesk purpose.

Top 10 Best WordPress Themes for Helpdesk

The following WordPress themes are carefully reviewed and selected base on their features, performance and design. Each of these themes has its unique selling point and is a leader in its area of specialisation. Base on your selection criteria, you can jump to right one by clicking on the Table of Contents:

1. Docy

The best and newest Helpdesk WordPress theme in Envato MarketPlace.


Docy WordPress theme

About Docy

Docy is a beautiful, well organized online documentation WordPress theme. You can easily create documentation for software API, frameworks, plugins, templates, any type of product. It includes a lot of elements to make your documentation interactive and efficient. This theme is completely responsive and mobile-friendly.

Why we recommend Docy

Here’s why we recommend Docy:

(i) Beautifully Designed

If you do a search on all other helpdesk theme in Envato MarketPlace, Docy is the most beautifully designed Helpdesk and documentation theme. Not only is it clean and well organized, the theme author has carefully thought out from a company’s business perspective.

(ii) Dark Mode and Font Size Switch

Docy has a Dark mode switch and a font switch. This allow your site visitors to adjust the font size and select the mode of reading. That’s a very cool feature that are not found in most other Helpdesk themes!

(iii) Powerful documentation elements

Here’s some very cool documentation features that Docy has:

    • Automatic generation of sticky table of contents
    • Image hotspot that enables interactivity
    • Document Print format for readers to print or save
    • Forum topics filter
    • Advanced Search
    • WPML, Multilingual and Translation ready

(iii) One-click install

When you download and install the theme, you can easily setup your website to look just like the demo sites with just a 1-click install.

Docy vs Docly

Docy is created by Spider-themes which has also created a similar theme call Docly by CreativeGigs. Docly supports RTL whereas Docy does not. Moreover, currently Docly has a feature where you can add contents on the right sidebar of the documents whereas this does not seems available with Docy. On the other hand, Docy has the Smart bbPress nVerify plugin which allows Envato authors to set forum protection so users have to verify with their Envato purchase code.

Proven Results

Docy is the latest Helpdesk theme launched on 21 June 2021 in Themeforest. At the time this post was written on 2 Jul 2021, Docy has had 66 sales in just 10 days! That’s impressive! It is an average of 6 sales per day!

sales in 10 days

Stars for Design

Stars for Support

Homepage Layout

2. Cera

Best community & customer support WordPress theme with membership capabilities

Docy WordPress theme

About Cera

Cera  is unique in that it provides membership capabilities so you can restrict and even charge users to access some specific pages or features like member directory or member profiles. It is ideal for intranet, extranet or community networks.

A social community and membership site may be a good tool to engage and retain loyal customers. If you are running businesses such as SaaS solution or an education business, building a membership and community site would be excellent for the users to share knowledge, learn from one another and for networking purpose. All these will build your company branding.

Why we recommend Cera

Why we recommend Cera:

(i)  Deep Integration with Powerful Plugins

Cera is powerful and feature rich as it is crafted to integrate with the following plugins:

    • Paid Membership Pro – enables specific pages to be accessible only to members. Able to charge a fee.
    • Youzify – Feature rich bbPress community plugin that  immerse your users in a dynamic community
    • WPML – that enables language translation
    • Events Calendar – that allows you to run events with ticket management system
    • LearnDash – Learning Management System for online education
    • BuddyPress – turn your site into a social networking site like Facebook
    • bbPress – power your site with forum

(ii)  Beautifully Crafted

Cera has 4 ready-made beautiful demos that includes a dark theme option, an intranet, an extranet and an e-learning option.

(iii) One-click install

When you download and install the theme, you can easily setup your website to look just like the demo sites with just a 1-click install.

Proven Results

Cera was created by Envato Market Elite Author and launched on 16 Dec 2019. As of 2 July 2021, Cera has made 1393 sales. It has an overall rating of  4.38 with many customers giving 5 stars for Design Quality.

since Dec 2019

Stars for design quality

Stars for Overall

pre-built demos

3. Discy

The Best-rated Customer Support & Forum WordPress theme.

Discy Helpdesk WordPress

About Discy

Discy  is a stunning, professional, and flexible social questions and answers WordPress theme specially designed for Online Communities, Niche Questions and Answers Websites, Marketing Websites, Developers Websites, or any kind of Social Communities.

A forum is a useful tool in customer support. Sometimes, you might not have built the documentation but you have answered an enquiry. Instead of repeating the answers to other customers asking the same question, a forum that allows your customers to search for answers would be an excellent tool. If you are looking to create a Support website like StackOverflow, Quora or Yahoo Answers with forums, then Discy will be a perfect theme.

Why we recommend Discy

Why we recommend Discy:

(i)  Set User Roles

With Discy you can set rules and assign capabilities such as Edit, Delete, View, etc to members. Members can easily ask question, set the title, select category and write tags.

(ii)  Create and Share a Poll 

You can create poll and captivate audience with live activities.

(iii)  Pick or Upvote Best Answer

Owners of questions can pick the best answer or let users up vote.

(iv) User Profile Page

Allow your community members to easily edit and mager their data, add email, social profiles, bio and change passwords.

(v)  Points & Badges

Users can receive badges when they are helpful in answering the questions. These badges appear on user profile page.

(vi)  Counters

Views of all questions are calculated automatically. This helps users filter questions by the trends or views.

Proven Results

Discy was launched on 27 Apr 2018 and has 1985 sales at the time of this blog post. It has a rating of 5 given by 324 customers. If you read the review by customers they have given perfect rating of 5 for customer support, design, documentation, code quality and feature availability. This is definitely a theme that you will not regret buying.

sales since Apr 2018

Stars for Everything!

Page Templates


4. Manual

Most Trending & fastest Help Desk WordPress theme in Envato MarketPlace.

Docy WordPress theme

About Manual

Manual  is the best selling Help Desk WordPress theme. It is designed to help you create a professional looking Documentation or Knowledge Base website, equip with Forum. You can track article user hits and customize it easily with drag and drop WPBakery page builder.

Why we recommend Manual

Here’s why we chose to recommend Manual:

(i) Powerful Features

Manual has been crafted to integrate seamlessly with the following plugins:

    • WPML – that enables language translation
    • LearnPress – Learning Management System that enables you to build an online academy for your customers
    • WooCommerce – an ecommerce plugin that enables you to build a shop in your website
    • bbPress – power your site with forum

(ii)  Uses WPBakery (Visual Composer) Page Builder

You can easily customise Manual with either WPBakery , an easy to use, drag and drop page builder. Manual has the Ultimate Addons for WPBakery which adds several premium elements. In addition, it has an Elementor Demo Theme.

(iii)  Private access settings

Although it does not have the membership feature as in the case of Cera, it does has a setting that sets private access control base on user role.

(iv)  Documentation elements

Manual has documentation elements such as user feedback count, printable format, page design styles and custom page header.

(v) Optimized for Speed and Performance

Speed is very important and affects your SEO score. We run the demo site on GTMetrix and here’s what we found. Very few demo sites have score A!

(vi) One-click install

When you download and install the theme, you can easily setup your website to look just like the demo sites with just a 1-click install.

Proven Results

Although there are some themes that have more sales than Manual, they were launched years before Manual, hence the cumulative sales appear to be higher. Manual was created by Envato Elite Author and launched on 5 November 2015. With just 5 1/2 years, Manual has achieved 3236 sales as of 2 Jul 2021. That’s about 1.6 sales each day which is quite remarkable.

sales since Nov 2015

Stars for Design

Stars Overall

pre-built demos

5. iConsult

The best value, lowest price Helpdesk WordPress theme.

Docy WordPress theme

About iConsult

Iconsult is the best value helpdesk WordPress theme. At just a price of $28, you get a well designed, multipurpose theme. It is created by the same author that created Manual. However, it is a much newer theme as it is launched 3 years after Manual. iConsult has 16 demo themes covering corporate, finance, consulting & business, travel, fashion online store, law firm, bitcoin, helpdesk and more. Hence if cost is a key selection criteria and you are looking for a theme that is easily customizable and versatile for both business and customer support, then this would be an ideal theme.

Why we recommend iConsult

Here’s the reasons:

(i) Powerful Features

This theme provides great value as it has included the following premium plugins so you need not have to pay additional for these plugins. Here’s what you are getting:

    • WPBakery Page Builder ($46)
    • Slider Revolution ($26)
    • Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder ($26)

iConsult also integrates seamlessly with the following plugins:

    • WPML – that enables language translation
    • WooCommerce – an ecommerce plugin that enables you to build a shop in your website
    • bbPress – power your site with forum
    • Contact form7 – allows you to create multiple types of forms on your site

(ii)  Uses WPBakery (Visual Composer) Page Builder

You can easily customise iConsult with either WPBakery , an easy to use, drag and drop page builder. It also has the Ultimate Addons for WPBakery which adds several premium elements. In addition, it has an Elementor Demo Theme.

(vi) One-click install

When you download and install the theme, you can easily setup your website to look just like the demo sites with just a 1-click install.

Proven Results

Iconsult was launched on 5 Jul 2018 and has 296 sales at the time of this blog post. It has an overall rating of 4.3.  

sales since Jul 2018

Plugins included

Stars for Overall

pre-built demos

6. Infocenter

A clean, lightweight, support ticketing theme.

infocenter helpdesk knowledge baseWordpress theme

About Infocenter

Infocenter  Theme’s mission is to provide effortless help desk support solution which will save time for both supporters and customers when working around issues, each and every element in the theme have been developed very carefully to make sure this theme saves as much time as possible for users.

Why we recommend Infocenter

This theme is chosen because it is a straight forward customer support theme that focus on questions and answers ticketing management. Here’s more reasons why we chose Infocenter:

(i)  Allow Users to Submit A Ticket and Upload Video files

An important feature in customer support is to provide them with the means to submit a ticket and upload files such as screenshots or videos to describe the problem they encounter. This is the only theme that we could find that support this.

(ii)  Configure with Ease

Although this theme does not use page builder, it has a theme option panel that allows you to customize.

(iii)  User Profile Page

The user profile page displays statistics of questions and answers of that user.

(iv)  Best Answer Choosing

Question creator or the admin of the website can choose the Best Answer which will include a ‘Best Answer’ tag on the answer.

(v)  Report Abuse

If any question or answer is abusive, users can report it easily with the help of ‘Report’ button visible on the question/answer.

(vi) Related Posts

Instead of the usual “previous” and “next” article that is used in most documentation, infocenter  uses “related posts”.

Proven Results

Infocenter was launched on 11 Apr 2017 by Envato Elite Author, Fluent-Themes, and has 185 sales as of 2 Jul 2021. If you read the review by customers they are given rating of 4 to 5 for customer support, code quality, flexibility and customizability. 

sales since Apr 2017

Stars for customer support

Stars for Overall

page layouts

7. Divi

The best value, most powerful, most versatile, most customizable WordPress Theme.

Divi WordPress Theme from Elegantthemes

About Divi

Divi from Elegantthemes is the most customizable WordPress theme.   Above all, it has a very powerful Page Builder that allows you to customize almost any part of the website with drag and drop.  It cost USD89 per year but you can opt for a lifetime purchase of USD249 and get  lifetime product updates.

Why we recommend Divi

Why we recommend Divi:

(i) One-click install

When you buy Divi, it comes with 213 ready-made web templates, a total of 1620 webpage design that you can install with just one-click. 

(ii) Drag and drop page builder

Divi is not just a theme, it is a powerful page builder that enables you to customize almost everything.

(iii) Works with Echo Knowledge Base Plugin

You can use Divi to create a well-organized, beautiful documentation website, and organise your contents however way you like. However, if you want specific functionalities of a curated documentation, you can add Echo Knowledge Base Plugin. There is a detailed tutorial here.

    Proven Results

    Divi has powered  767,154 websites for business owners and web design professionals. It is the most powerful theme in the world.

    sales since Dec 2013

    Stars from 16.7K reviews

    Important Plugins Included

    page layouts

    More Helpdesk Themes

    The following are 3 Helpdesk themes that are best sellers in Envato Market. These themes have achieved thousands of sales and were launched in the period between 2012 to 2014.


    5100+ Sales since 12 Aug 2012


    3100+ Sales since 5 Aug 2014


    2200+ Sales since 4 Jan 2013

    Conclusion- What we think is the best :  Divi

    Divi has always been our recommendation to our clients because it is a theme that is so versatile. With just one theme, you can create unlimited business websites. As your business grow, your business direction may change over time, new requirements will come in. With Divi, you can make changes to your website very easily. Although in this case, for Divi, you need to add a Knowlegebase plugin, it is still the most value for money option.

    Why we recommend Divi

    • Feature Availability
    • Flexibility & Versatility
    • Aesthetic Design
    • Speed Performance

    Let’s Work Together

    If you have a theme that you would like us to review or if you would like to engage us to install your website, or if you could help our clients to set up a website, do drop us a note.

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