We are passionate about online learning

We are a Singapore-based digital publishing company. Over the past decade, we have helped authors, educators, publishers, instructors and companies in the education sector set up their online schools. We are intrigued with the magic that digital technologies have made possible and we believe that the convergence of creative designs, effective marketing strategies and digital technologies will bring about immense value to businesses. This is what make us different. We are simply passionate about using such augmented designs to help individuals and companies succeed in what they are passionate about.


Passion Digital is named after the Passion Fruit. It is a fruit that when added to other fruits, enhances the mixture’s flavour with a fruity fragrance and sweetness that is very refreshing. That’s what we hope to bring to our clients–value adding and helping our client to succeed. This is our mission and all our designs and processes are built around this principle.

About Us

Our Mission & Vision

We believe in e-learning because it is a path that enables people to earn good passive income through the skills and knowledge they have. You may be a retiree or a home maker or a student looking to make a living or a single parent trying to balance between work and family, or a company aiming to build an online academy to train your clients and employees, e-learning can be your solution. In the past decade, Passion Digital has served many companies in the education industry and we have now assembled all our resources on this site to help you monetize your skills through e-learning

Our vision is to build a resource hub that helps individuals and companies launch their e-learning business successfully.