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We are passionate about making digital media works for your business.

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We bring live to your Marketing Contents when placed on Mobile Devices at your customers' finger tips

Why Choose Us

The main reason why you should us is that we are using Cloud-based, open-sourced technologies. Firstly, this means speed in development. The features sit on Content Management System that enable you to make changes to your content anytime, anywhere, as long as the internet is available. Secondly, it means your costs can be reduced tremendously while you enjoy ever increasing features and reliability. Open-sourced technologies mean that they are opened to thousands of developers to build and enhance. So clients benefit from selecting from wide range of developers’ modules, constantly upgraded features, at very low cost.¬†We believe in empowering our clients to focus on their core business while we take on the responsibility of making digital media work for their business. We continue to keep pace with technologies and provide our clients with the latest tools and marketing trends so that they full proof their future in the digital marketing aspect. So why you should choose us? If you were to choose us as your long term partner, you have to be comfortable with our process and the way we approach every project. Here’s how we do it:

Research & Concept

We begin every project with a thorough understanding of your business, your objectives, your customers and your competitors through thorough discussion with you and in-depth research. This allows us to build useful marketing tool for your business.

Content & Design

We craft around your objectives, work out a compelling content strategy, structured information architecture integrated with creative artwork that will accurately convey your marketing communication objectives.

Review & fine-tune

Often, it is difficult for clients to really know what to amend until they see it and touch it. So this is the phase where we build a prototype for our clients to test and review before we proceed to make further enhancements and fine-tuning.


Our work never end even after we deliver the project to you. Statistics will be collected on the usage and we will put those statistics into meaningful insights that you can use to understand your customers and improve your business.

We draft, we refine, we test, we fine tune until our work delivers your message exactly the way it was intended for.


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